Emporte-moi offers several workshops and trainings as well as meet-ups for all things babywearing.

Introduction to babywearing workshop and meet-up 

Emporte-moi organizes monthly beginner babywearing workshops. At these meetups, all types of carriers are demonstrated, and the emphasis is on teaching safe babywearing.  We can help you choose the carrier that will best suit your lifestyle, help you adjust the one you are already using, have you try another type of carrier or loan you one from our lending library.   You can ask all your babywearing questions or simply discuss your experiences and meet other babywearing families. As it is an introductory workshop, we do not teach back-carrying or tandem babywearing at this workshop. We request 5$ per family for maintenance of the babywearing lending library.

The babywearing lending library will be available at these meetups.  You may try some different carriers on site;  as well if you would like to try them for a longer period of time,  certain carriers are available for rental. There is a fee and a safety deposit for items borrowed to take home. To ensure availability of the carrier that you wish to try, it is best to contact us to make sure that it will be on site.

Location of the introductory workshops and meetup: YMCA du Parc, 5550 Avenue du Parc, Montreal, H2V 4H1.

Time:  9h00 to 10h20. The hours must be respected as we must vacate the room by 10h30.

Cost: 5$; walk-ins welcome.

2016 dates for the introductory workshops:

  • Thursday 11 January
  • Thursday 14 February
  • Thursday 10 March
  • Thursday 14 April
  • Thursday 12 May

Back-carrying workshop 

Learn to back-carry your baby in a woven wrap, mei tai or buckle carrier!  These are small group workshops which require registration and payment ahead of time. Minimum of 2 registrations, maximum of 8.
Prerequisites:  baby is 6 months or older, familiarity with your carrier for at least a month.  There is access to the lending library during these workshops.

Dates are variable as they depend on demand and availability.

Location: Centre Yoga de L’Éveil. 4847 avenue du Parc.

Time: 10:00 to 12:00

Cost: 35$ per wearer

Next date:  21 March 2016.  Please contact us here for registration. There are no walk-in admissions.

Private workshop and home workshop

Emporte-moi offers workshops which can be catered to your needs. The workshop can be at your home or at another location. The maximum number of attendees is about 4, and all must be of the same level.  Here are a few examples of possible home or private workshops

  • Introduction to babywearing
  • Improving your wrapping skills, including hip carries
  • Adjusting your carrier
  • Back carrying workshop

Prices start at 40$  and depend on location,  level and duration of workshop.

Please contact us here for details.

Worskhops and training for health professionals and those who work in perinatal health 

Emporte-moi has an interest in developing an expertise for health professionals to understand and promote safe babywearing.  Both our main instructors work in the health sciences and are interested in spreading up-to-date information about safe babywearing as the practice is becoming more mainstream.

Please write us here if you are interested in a ‘training the trainer’ session.


Wrapper’s Meet-up 

Along with Village Café and the Facebook group Portage Montréal Babywearing, Emporte-moi organises wrapping meet-ups at the Village Café, where wrappers can share knowledge and play with the fluff. Please note that this is a meetup and not a workshop, and although there can be some help among wrappers, there is no formal teaching, especially not of back-carrying.

Lieu: Village Café, 207 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal, QC H2S 1R5

Time: 13h to 15h

Next meet-up: TBA. Best is to follow the group Portage Montréal Babywearing to be kept in the loop.


Babywearing walks on Mount Royal

Emporte-moi helped create the Facebook group Marches en Portage du Mont-Royal, which organises babywearing walks up the Mountain.  The walks are spontaneous, best is to join the group to see when the next departure will take place. Please join the Facebook group here.