Community beginner group workshops

We offer community group workshops to the cost of 5$ per family at least once a month in the Plateau-Mile-End-Outremont neighbourhoods of Montreal. Our workshops take place at the YMCA du Parc. All our educators are certified and experienced. At our workshops, you will learn all about safe and comfortable babywearing, and all types of carriers are available for you to try. Some items in the lending library are available for rental for 10$ a month plus deposit.  Please note that this is a beginner workshop so we do not teach back carries or tandem babywearing. You are also welcome to come and chat with fellow babywearers as well as get some help with adjusting your carrier or carriers.

The list of our workshop is available in the events list of our Facebook page . You can register on Facebook or by writing us or calling us. Walk ins are welcome.

Private babywearing workshops.

It is also possible to organize private or semi-private workshops for advanced babywearing techniques or for home workshops. They can be done at home or at a preset location. We usually work on the Island of Montreal, depending on educator availability.

Examples of private or semi-private workshops:

– Introduction to babywearing for the new mother and her family

– Intermediate carries in woven wraps: hip, different woven carries

– Back-carrying workshop in all types of carriers

– Advanced back-wrapping workshop

Professional trainings

We offer professional training for healthcare workers and other professionals interested in babywearing.  A continual education program is being produced. Please contact us for further details.

All our educators are expert babywearers and certified through the Canadian Babywearing School.  A few work professionally in the healthcare professions. We are well known in the babywearing world and have links with the industry.

‘Wrap party’, babywearing walks, babywearing meet-ups

Various events get organized within the Montreal babywearing community. We invite you to join the Facebook group  Portage Montréal Babywearing to stay in the loop.