Map of certified babywearing educators in Canada

Emporte-Moi is based in the Plateau-Mile-End-Outremont area of Montreal, and we work in the Greater Montreal area.

If you are looking for a babywearing class or workshop elsewhere, we would like to refer you to our colleague babywearing educators on the following map. We recognize the certifications by Peau à Peau, Center for Babywearing Studies, Canadian Babywearing School and Porter La Vie.


Other babywearing resources

Portage Double is the most complete francophone babywearing resource in Québec.

We highly recommend the babywearing exercise classes given by Bébé Cardio in Longueuil: zumba, yoga, aerobics, walks, etc… Moreover, they offer a training for all trainers interested in adapting their routines to the bodies and needs of pregnant mothers or mothers in the postpartum period.  The Bébé Cardio DVD is available throughout Canada and is an excellent home program for mothers in the peripartum period.